Project 6 – Texture

New Doc 2017-12-18

Using black (electrical) tape and different kinds of sand paper, I added tactile texture. The rest of the triangles were drawn in and given texture and depth using smaller triangles, stippling, and hatching. I took out some of my locked up aggression on this art piece to really add the “aggressive” feeling I was going for, and it helped a ton to get it off my back after building it up in the last three to four years.


Project 1

New Doc 2017-12-12 (1)

Being sick while making this, I got a little frustrated trying to make it perfect as ever, but I’m glad how it turned out in the end. I attempted to do this cool gradation from yellow to magenta.

Artist Statement and Final Project

Elisabeth Reid 2D Design

Artist Statement

My painting is based around delicate, biomorphic, convex and concave shapes that move fluidly beside one another to activate the entire picture plain. Bubbles of bright warm colors splashed in with the cooler blues and greens of varying values, create a simultaneous contrast that draws in the eyes of the viewer toward the bottom left of the image. The wiggling shapes create an asymmetrical composition, with a heavier visual weight toward the bottom third of the image, then drawing the eyes up with upward moving lines. Through the use of color mixture to create value, and overlapping lines, I have created the illusion of space and depth. The overall feeling the the painting is cool and peaceful like water.

The painting I have made is based around the delicateness of organic life, textures giving visual cues that bring the mind right to a place in nature. Delicate, tapering shapes in a soft, repetitive, undulating motion, weaving between each other create the feeling of a swaying movement.

My design shows my understanding of the principle of organization. Using saturated colors strongly defines the variation of positive and negative space. By using overlapping, repetitive, tapering shapes I create figure/ground relationships, directional forces, and visual flow. I used the contrasting color or orange to make my focal point more prominent, but reduced the saturation so the point did not change the feeling of the painting. I created textures and more flow to the image by lining the shapes with paints of similar value and saturation. Overall, the design I went with successfully conveyed the intended delicate and biomorphic feeling.

New Doc 2017-12-19_1

Project 8

This project, though challenging, was very fun for me. I enjoyed using the gouache to create monochromatic, analogous, and complementary color compositions. I am a fan of super saturated and bright colors this time of year for it helps me feel less gloomy.

Project 7 – Value Self-Portrait


Despite going through a lot of difficulty and getting sucked into a bad place after getting discouraged, I actually enjoyed this project. It helped me get back into controlled spontaneity that my art used to be like. This was difficult for me to do, but inspired me to do more complicated art that isn’t just pencil on paper! This was a great challenge and I defeated it with confidence.

Project 4

New Doc 2017-10-28_1

I had an interesting adventure with this piece. There were about 4 other people looking at it as I was doing it and they all saw something different. My sister saw a lion’s head in the middle, while mom saw a snake head, a torch, and a rock. I find it funny how every time I cut something out randomly, people always see an object or living being. My cats just saw it as something to lay on.